Samaneh Salehi: The Past Collection
January 15 – February 28, 2018


Red Poppy Art House Exhibitions Presents: The Past Collection
Curated by Elena Mencarelli

This exhibition is a collection of Samaneh Salehi’s work during her years of exploring, experimenting, and combining contemporary art aesthetics with the spirit of ancient Persian art.

OPENING RECEPTION: Monday, January 15 @ 7:30pm




Samaneh Salehi began her career in Iran after studying graphic design at Tehran Noor Conservatory. Since then, she chose painting as her favorite form of art to express her artistic vision. Samaneh’s work has been exhibited in Iran, Dubai, and Malaysia, and continues to be exhibited both in the United States and abroad. She is known for her watercolor and acrylic miniature paintings, inspired by ancient Persian art and combined with contemporary techniques.

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Elena Mencarelli moved to San Francisco after concluding her Master Degree in Visual Arts at the University of Bologna, Italy. Previously, she was the artistic director of the Make Your Mark Art Gallery in Melbourne, Australia. In addition to her artistic practice and curatorial background, she is also engaged in art criticism. Elena is the co-writer of the catalogue of the double exhibition Maria Rebecca Ballestra – Alan Sonfist, a better landscape (Unimedia Modern Contemporary Art, Genova, Italy) and is the author of Maria Rebecca Ballestra, a phenomenology of posthumanism, soon to be published in both Italian and English.



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