Three different visual art installations will be on display at the Red Poppy during the month of January.

“The Mission Condition: Outwardly Mobile,” a mural and assemblage collaboration by Mona Caron and Dustin Fosnot. The piece is a poetic expression of the precarious state that many communities find themselves in due to the current housing crisis and the gentrification of San Francisco.

“Site in Progress” by Sebastian Alvarez.

In the tradition of process art, this untitled exhibition will mature with research and dialogue with some of the artists, tradition-bearers and cultural workers connected to the Red Poppy. The initial information presented on the wall is being collected from different local organizations and institution concerned with preserving the history of the Bay Area and researching its growth. Starting as a simple assemblage of info-graphics and data, this installation will gather, sort, collate, and associate qualitative data in order to generate poetic forms.

“Florecer: Blossoming and Living with HIV: Overcoming Stigma Through Art”

This exhibition features masks and personal statements created by clients, staff, and community members of Clínica Esperanza, the HIV Services Clinic at Mission Neighborhood Health Center. It was installed as part of the Red Reels film screening of ‘Blood Brother‘ on Thursday, January 16th. Red Reels is an interdisciplinary film series that explores a unique interdisciplinary approach by incorporating real-time collaborations with artists from varying mediums like dance, painting, and live music.


The goal of the Exhibitions Program at the Red Poppy Art House is to establish a dynamic program that reflects the Poppy’s greater mission to encourage artists to take an active role in re-shaping the context where the arts are explored and shared. The Exhibitions Program seeks to provide opportunities to talented, aware, emerging artists locally and beyond. Thoughtful selection of artists and curators reflects our commitment to diversity in its most expanded sense. This Program is designed to reflect the fluidity of the Poppy’s “learning by doing” philosophy while also maintaining a high standard in the quality of work we present. We offer a unique, expanded inter-disciplinary audience for visual artists. The Exhibitions presented at the Poppy reflect the themes that inspire us, the mediums we work in and the communities we love.

 Our Exhibitions programming takes the form of Artist Receptions, Open Studio events, and collaborations with other programs of the Poppy such as Family Art. Proposals are also accepted for site-specific installations and artist residencies. For more information about how to submit a proposal as an artist or as a curator, click here.

 Gallery Hours:

 The best time to view exhibitions at The Red Poppy Art House is during a performance or other scheduled event.

 The Red Poppy Art House does not keep regular hours outside of scheduled events, however we strive to facilitate special viewings if we can. Please contact to schedule an appointment for viewing.