intern meeting
The Red Poppy Art House represents an ongoing experiment exploring the power social-cultural exchange within the context of small and intimate arts-presenting spaces. “Social,” because it’s all about people and relationships. “Cultural,” because relationships are amplified through the sharing of stories, histories, creative visions, and expressions, channeled through cultural and artistic forms. “Intimate,” because intimacy means a lowering of one’s guard and a willingness to be vulnerable to the new.

Much of the Red Poppy’s work centers on a dynamic performance program that presents over 140 performances annually, spanning disciplines from traditional to contemporary forms. These events are produced by a cohort of arts-presenting hosts, half of whom are in training as part of the Poppy’s Professional Development Track and Internship Programs. Through these programs, the Poppy offers a hands-on professional development experience that covers everything from technical training, event production, community engagement and public speaking, to personnel management, donor asks, and basic accounting. It serves as an arts-presenting boot camp that inspires self-initiative and resourcefulness.


Community-Engaged Arts Presenting & Event Production InternshipOPEN
20-25 hrs/mo over 9-month period (as needed).

PR/Social Media InternshipOPEN
8-10 hrs/wk over 6-month period (Winter-Spring or Summer-Fall).



For more information on our internship programs, please email