Mission Stoop Fest

A neighborhood festival initiative to transform resident stoops into sites of oral history and performance

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Yes, we changed the name! Formally called PORCH, we discovered there was another Porchfest happening in the Mission, so as to avoid confusion, we are now Mission Stoop Fest (or STOOP for short).

STOOP is a civil society arts experiment that transpires on the front stoops of local residences, where traditional and contemporary artists perform and where local residents share stories and histories. The front stoop represents a literal threshold between the public and private spheres and is a historic site of spontaneous community interaction and exchange. Before arriving to urban centers, it was traditionally the porches of smaller communities where neighbor interaction took place. Moving from the rural to the urban, the porch was transformed into the stoop. This unique public-private space has become increasingly significant and symbolic in our neighborhoods that are undergoing the rapid processes of gentrification, such that results in a breakdown of social fabric and the loss of communal/neighborhood memory. STOOP represents our heart-set invitation into a space of encounter – where past meets present, where the public meets the private, and where different communities intersect to discover the threads that link us together.

To initiate this project, the Red Poppy Art House, with support from the California Arts Council, is playing the role of catalyst, to help organize five sites to launch STOOP this June. Our goal is for STOOP to occur during the day on the same bi-monthly dates as a sister-project, the Mission Arts & Performance Project (MAPP). Similar to the MAPP festival, STOOP will provide a program and a map of multiple neighborhood stoops where performance and storytelling will unfold simultaneously. We hope that this initiative will inspire more residents to take part and choose to make their stoop a site for cultural and community exchange in months to come.


Past “test runs” of this project have included:
Amalia Alvarez, Astu, Byb Chanel Bibene, Adriana Camarena, La Tania with Ryan Garcia and Maria Sanchez, Miriam Wolodarski, Diana Lara, Kinetech, Darren Johnston, Faisel Zedan, Zena Carlota, Adrian Arias, Susana Aragon, Roberto Hernandez, Amelia Uzategui, LoCura Trio, Erika Oba, Marcus Shelby, Stephanie Sherman, Norman Zelaya, Lake Stovall, Ronja Ver, Daniel Riera, Camille Mai, and Marguerite Muñoz.


Saturday, April 1, 2017 – “Our Spring” in the Mission

STOOP 1 @ 901 Alabama St (Curator: Jasmine Douville)
12:00pm: Mission Drumline (Brazilian Dance & Drumming)
12:00-3:00pm: Boys & Girls Club (Live Music)
1:00-3:00pm: Nuestra primavera en el barrio: (Grafitti Art Installation)

STOOP 2 @ 3338 25th St (Curator: Bianca Catalan)
Schedule TBA

STOOP 3 @ 2754 Harrison St (Curator: Windsong)
12:00pm: Family Art (Music & Art with Local Community)
1:00pm: Raíz de Agua
2:00pm: Singing to Our Spring: Kata of LoCura