The Past Collection: Artist Reception w/ Samaneh Salehi

Samaneh Salehi: The Past Collection
On exhibition January 15 – February 28
The Red Poppy Art House invites you to join the artist and curator behind its first exhibition of 2018, The Past Collection, on view until February 28th. The exhibition is a collection of Salehi’s work during her years of exploring, experimenting, and combining contemporary art aesthetics with the spirit of ancient Persian art.   ABOUT THE ARTIST: Samaneh Salehi began her career in Iran after studying graphic design at Tehran Noor Conservatory. Since then, she chose painting as her favor...

Spectrums & Prisms, Bodies & Realms: Artist Reception w/ Lise Silva

Renewal: Mimi Herrera-Pease
On exhibition June 27 – August 21
The Poppy invites you to join the artist and curators behind its second exhibition of 2017, Spectrums & Prisms, Bodies & Realms, on view until June 24. For her first exhibition at the Red Poppy Art House, Lise Silva Gomes has created a fiber art installation that serves as a metaphysical exploration where woven knots of various shapes and colors invade the Red Poppy's performative space, creating an ambiance of other-worldliness that evokes wonder, deep mystery, possibility, fantasy, and curiosi...