FRESH Exchanges: POTLUCK/Social Practice ft. José Navarrete, Debby Kajiyama, Jesse Hewit

FRESH Exchanges: POTLUCK/Social Practice ft. FRESH Community

Wednesday, January 24 @ 7:30PM
FRESH 2018 Exchanges offer nine interactive, inclusive, and insightful gatherings in the frameworks of RIPE [raw + intimate performance experiments], POTLUCK/Social Practice, and Alternative Conservatory at the Red Poppy Art House between January 9th and 25th. Each Wednesday, POTLUCK/Social Practice explores collaborative coexistence and conversations with warm food and FRESH artists notorious for generating situations of connectivity, improvisation, inclusivity, and direct action. Co-hosted by ...

FRESH Exchanges: Social Practice/Potluck ft. Rachael Dichter & Jesse Hewit

FRESH Exchanges: Social Practice/Potluck
Wed, Jan 18 @ 7:30PM
In collaboration with FRESH Festival 2017, the Red Poppy Art House is pleased to present FRESH Exchanges, free and by-donation events made to cultivate, cross-pollinate, invigorate, create access, and generate outreach within and outwith the dance, music, and performance communities. These interactive exchanges include Social Practice/Potlucks on Wednesdays, January 4, 11, 18. FRESH Social Practice/Potlucks are collaborative meals and interactivities co-hosted by artists notorious for generating...