Shades of Love: Padams & Javalis

In this concert, Ganesh Vasudeva and Snigdha Venkatramani showcase a selection of poems from South India through Bharatanatyam, a form of Indian classical dance that originated in the temples of Tamil Nadu. These male-oriented and heroine-based poems are taken up to portray myriad shades of love. Featuring: Ganesh Vasudeva - abhinaya (miming) Snigdha Venkatramani - abhinaya, vocals Srinivas Pisharath - vocals Akshay Venkatesan - percussion Nyantara Narasimhan - violin Ganesh Vasudeva...

Brooklyn Raga Massive Presents: A Night of Cross-Coastal Raga-Inspired Music

Ranging from collaboration and impromptu performances to casual musical appreciation, Brooklyn Raga Massive presents an evening inspired around Indian classical ‘raga’ music. The NYC-based collective of artists, alongside several raga-influenced musicians in the Bay Area, join together to perform multiple showcase-style sets as well as to facilitate group discussions with the community. Through Q&A and networking, fellow raga musicians and appreciators can learn how to build their audience a...

Therianthrope: Tabla, Nylon String Guitar & Live Looping

A duo consisting of nylon string guitarist Dusty Brough and tabla percussionist Miles Shrewsbery, Therianthrope draws from various musical influences and traditions including jazz, flamenco, classical Indian and Romani music. Featuring: Dusty Brough - nylon guitar Miles Shrewsbery - tabla, percussion Based in San Diego, guitarist Dusty Brough brilliantly integrates his roots in flamenco with jazz, folk, Romani, Brazilian, Balkan music. His nylon string guitar playing is marked by an agil...