Cellista/Joshua Icban/Ransom Dance: “Testimony”

Cellista/Joshua Icban/Ransom Dance: “Testimony”
Thursday, July 20 @ 7:30PM
“Testimony,” a reprise of Cellista’s performance art piece “Wants,” confronts issues of identity, loss, displacement, and acceptance within the Bay Area arts community, is an avant-garde response to the experiences of artists during these uncertain, sour times. The evening features sound design and performance by Cellista, choreography by Lilith Ransom of Ransom Dance, and the ambient music of composer and guitarist Joshua Icban. Featuring: Cellista - cello, live score Lilith Ransom - chor...

FRESH Exchanges: Alternative Conservatory ft. Dance Studies Working Group

FRESH Exchanges: Alternative Conservatory
Thurs, Jan 19 @ 7:30PM
In collaboration with FRESH Festival 2017, the Red Poppy Art House is pleased to present FRESH Exchanges, free and by-donation events made to cultivate, cross-pollinate, invigorate, create access, and generate outreach within and outwith the dance, music, and performance communities. These interactive exchanges include Alternative Conservatory on Thursdays, January 5, 12, 19. Hosted by FRESH artists notorious for disarming paradigms and thinking outside the box, Alternative Conservatory is a tim...

Shades of Love: Padams & Javalis

In this concert, Ganesh Vasudeva and Snigdha Venkatramani showcase a selection of poems from South India through Bharatanatyam, a form of Indian classical dance that originated in the temples of Tamil Nadu. These male-oriented and heroine-based poems are taken up to portray myriad shades of love. Featuring: Ganesh Vasudeva - abhinaya (miming) Snigdha Venkatramani - abhinaya, vocals Srinivas Pisharath - vocals Akshay Venkatesan - percussion Nyantara Narasimhan - violin Ganesh Vasudeva...

Sonando Sur Collective: Tarima, rumba y fandango

The Sonando Sur Collective derived from the shared interest in continuing the work of traditional jarocho music through a contemporary perspective. Formed by Claudio Vega, Esther Cruz and Tacho Utrera, the collective interlinks son jarocho and its cultural context with other traditional Latin American rhythms. Son Jarocho, a musical genre from Veracruz, Mexico, is a melodic combination of Spanish, African and indigenous cultures. A beautiful integration of la jarana, requinto, tarima and versada...

Bay Area Dance Week: Congolese Rumba Workshop with Byb Bibene & Chris Babingui

For the 18th annual Bay Area Dance Week, dancers Byb Bibene and Chris Babingui offer a special class, the Rumba Congo. The Congolese rumba (not related to Cuban rumba) is a social dance that is very prominent throughout the Republic of Congo and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Every bar and club offers a selection of rumba music en vogue or in retro. The music is soft, slow, lyrical, and intimate. With variations in music and body rhythms, the dance is performed between couples. This is not a ...

Flying Under the Radar, in Collaboration with Kiandanda Dance Theater & Bahiya Movement, Presents: Symbiosis

Flying Under the Radar, in collaboration with the Red Poppy Art House, presents three nights of international performance featuring Symbiosis (directed by Kiandanda Dance Theater & Bahiya Movement) on April 21, The Supplicants – Celestial Frequencies on April 22, and As Três Meninas (curated by Derek Lassiter) on April 23. Kiandanda Dance Theater (directed by Byb Chanel Bibene) and Bahiya Movement (directed by Afia Thompson) present Symbiosis, a shared evening of performance featuring rec...

Byb & Kiandanda Dance Theater Present: Ange Aoussou and Chris Babingui – Dance Africa Dance for Peace and Independence

dance africa dance
In collaboration with the Red Poppy Art House, Byb & Kiandanda Dance Theater present Dance Africa Dance for Peace and Independence. The evening features performances by two African dancers/choreographers, Ange Aoussou from Ivory Coast and Chris Babingui from the Republic of Congo. Performing their respective solo works, J'aime le rouge and Nibo Nano, these pieces touch on the social-political issues of the African continent that is still struggling to gain true independence and development. ...