The Past Collection: Artist Reception w/ Samaneh Salehi

Samaneh Salehi: The Past Collection
On exhibition January 15 – February 28
The Red Poppy Art House invites you to join the artist and curator behind its first exhibition of 2018, The Past Collection, on view until February 28th. The exhibition is a collection of Salehi’s work during her years of exploring, experimenting, and combining contemporary art aesthetics with the spirit of ancient Persian art.   ABOUT THE ARTIST: Samaneh Salehi began her career in Iran after studying graphic design at Tehran Noor Conservatory. Since then, she chose painting as her favor...

The pickPocket Ensemble: Lounge Music for Spies

Fri, Oct 14 @ 7:30PM
The six-piece pickPocket Ensemble returns to the Red Poppy to celebrate the release of the new album, Pepper Greenwald Presents Lounge Music for Spies. The pickPockets will play selections from the album, transporting listeners into the world of international espionage via European café music. The evening will also include remixes from the record and a set of original pickPocket tunes. Featuring: Rick Corrigan - accordion Yates Brown - guitar Chloe Allen - violin Matthew Souther - trumpet...

Opaluna: Contemporary Jazz with Latin Rhythms

Sat, Oct 8 @ 7:30PM
On their debut, self-titled album, Opaluna, Colombian vocalist Susana Pineda and Bay Area guitarist Luis Salcedo present a fresh approach to contemporary jazz and Latin music, exploring every facet of their instruments while incorporating electronic techniques to create new textures and effects. The duo, joined at the Red Poppy by bassist Jeff Denson and drummer Zach Mondlick, melds their disparate backgrounds through a soulful intermingling of cultures, rhythms, and traditions. Featuring: ...

David Tanenbaum Presents: Antoniy Kakamakov – Classical Guitar: From Baroque to Contemporary

Curated by David Tanenbaum, join prize-winning guitarist Antoniy Kakamakov for a night of powerfully emotional and virtuosic classical guitar music. From Bach, Weiss and Mertz to Latin Grammy-winning guitarist/composer Sérgio Assad, the program will explore major works from the Baroque repertoire as well as more recent compositions influenced by early musical form. Antoniy Kakamakov is a professional classical guitarist, chamber musician, and educator. He attended the San Francisco Conservato...

Paul Psarras: Baroque Spanish and Contemporary Guitar

Paul Psarras
An enthusiast of early and contemporary music alike, guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Paul Psarras performs a vast array of genres ranging from classical to Greek folk. In 2012, Paul earned an invitation to the GRAMMY’S with the group El Mundo, and later that year he performed in the San Francisco Opera's Merola program. His previous performances included an appearance with the San Francisco Symphony and at the Fête de la Musique in Switzerland. As a member of the Pacific Guitar Ensemble, Paul pl...

Fandangueros: Latin/Filipino Folk and Contemporary Music

Traversing the musical footprints between Spain, Latin America and the Philippines, Fandangueros' compositions value tradition as well as their new iterations. Fandangueros started out as an outfit to support Florante Aguilar’s commissioned compositions and projects. The group’s identity later evolved through Florante and Chus Alonso’s shared passion for their country’s folk music – the Philippines and Spain, respectively. While Florante’s nationalistic approach is a nod to its Spanish influence...

Mostly Kosher: Klezmer and Yiddish Jazz

mostly kosher
Mostly Kosher is a band based in Southern California with a mission to preserve Jewish musical traditions as well as progressing these genres through the sounds of other cultures and contemporary music. The group takes klezmer and Yiddish theater tunes and incorporates genres ranging from Latin jazz and tango, to Afro-Cuban and even hip-hop. Soon after the release of their debut album, Mostly Kosher's title track, Ikh Hob Dikh Tsufil Lib (I Love You Much Too Much), earned them a recent award fro...