The Past Collection: Artist Reception w/ Samaneh Salehi

Samaneh Salehi: The Past Collection
On exhibition January 15 – February 28
The Red Poppy Art House invites you to join the artist and curator behind its first exhibition of 2018, The Past Collection, on view until February 28th. The exhibition is a collection of Salehi’s work during her years of exploring, experimenting, and combining contemporary art aesthetics with the spirit of ancient Persian art.   ABOUT THE ARTIST: Samaneh Salehi began her career in Iran after studying graphic design at Tehran Noor Conservatory. Since then, she chose painting as her favor...

Tana Quincy Arcega: “Development and Maintenance” Artist Reception

Tana Quincy Arcega: Development and Maintenance
On exhibition November 1 – November 29
Join us for the opening reception of Development and Maintenance, the new solo exhibition by Tana Quincy Arcega at the Red Poppy Art House, which revolves around the meaning of these pivotal systems within our culture and within contemporary art. The artist turns mass-produced, functional, and disposable items (such as spackling compound, aluminum window screens, shellac, and upholstery fabrics) into artistic tools, giving them new existence through the poetic vision.   ABOUT THE ARTIST: ...

Andrea Guskin: “A Temporary Collection (of An Ordinary Bloodline)” Artist Reception

Andrea Guskin: A Temporary Collection (of An Ordinary Bloodline)
On exhibition August 23 – October 15
A Temporary Collection (of An Ordinary Bloodline), Andrea Guskin's first exhibition at the Red Poppy Art House, establishes an open dialogue with the fragmented histories of immigrants, refugees, and ordinary citizens. When persecution’s targets change and crises appear in other forms, it is essential to preserve the thread of our history if we want to build a more aware future. Guskin preserves those threads through a collection of photos and ubiquitous objects mapping a history of missed meeti...

Renewal: Artist Reception w/ Mimi Herrera-Pease

Renewal: Mimi Herrera-Pease
On exhibition June 27 – August 21
The Red Poppy invites you to join the artist and curators of Renewal, its third exhibition of 2017, which will be on view until August 21. For her first solo exhibition at the Red Poppy Art House, Mimi Herrera-Pease picks up the tempo with spring and summer shades on canvas. Come by and feel the harmony between the sonic and visual arts!   ABOUT THE ARTIST: Mimi Herrera-Pease is a San Francisco-based painter who was born in Mexico City. Under the tutelage of the late Carlos Villa, a Gugg...

“The Audience” Artist Reception

The Poppy invites you to join the artist and curators behind its first exhibition of 2017, The Audience. On view until April 2nd, this current body of portraits seeks to celebrate an eclectic group of people from history, pop culture, and somewhat forgotten history. Born in the glamorous city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Michelle L. Morby is a multi-media artist who has worked in both analog and digital photography, video, installation, performance, happenings, and now paintings as performance...

“Needles in the Camel’s Eye” Artist Reception

Needles in the Camel’s Eye: Stephani Martinez & Jessica Tang
On Exhibition Sept 6 – Dec 18
The Poppy invites you to join the artists and curators behind its current exhibition, Needles in the Camel’s Eye. Acquiring its name from the opening song on Brian Eno’s debut solo album, Needles reflects artists Stephani Martinez and Jessica Tang’s needle-related experimentation with the unexpected in an exhibition laced with lyrical, literary, and rhythmic overtones. Tang’s GIRL series features embroidery rendered onto brightly colored, empty fabric that depicts faceless young Asian wo...