Spectrums & Prisms, Bodies & Realms: Artist Reception w/ Lise Silva

Spectrums & Prisms, Bodies & Realms
On exhibition April 19 – June 24
The Poppy invites you to join the artist and curators behind its second exhibition of 2017, Spectrums & Prisms, Bodies & Realms, on view until June 24. For her first exhibition at the Red Poppy Art House, Lise Silva Gomes has created a fiber art installation that serves as a metaphysical exploration where woven knots of various shapes and colors invade the Red Poppy's performative space, creating an ambiance of other-worldliness that evokes wonder, deep mystery, possibility, fantasy, and curiosi...

“The Audience” Artist Reception

The Poppy invites you to join the artist and curators behind its first exhibition of 2017, The Audience. On view until April 2nd, this current body of portraits seeks to celebrate an eclectic group of people from history, pop culture, and somewhat forgotten history. Born in the glamorous city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Michelle L. Morby is a multi-media artist who has worked in both analog and digital photography, video, installation, performance, happenings, and now paintings as performance...

“Needles in the Camel’s Eye” Artist Reception

Needles in the Camel’s Eye: Stephani Martinez & Jessica Tang
On Exhibition Sept 6 – Dec 18
The Poppy invites you to join the artists and curators behind its current exhibition, Needles in the Camel’s Eye. Acquiring its name from the opening song on Brian Eno’s debut solo album, Needles reflects artists Stephani Martinez and Jessica Tang’s needle-related experimentation with the unexpected in an exhibition laced with lyrical, literary, and rhythmic overtones. Tang’s GIRL series features embroidery rendered onto brightly colored, empty fabric that depicts faceless young Asian wo...

Resilience and the Unseen in the Context of an Art House

Resilience and the Unseen in the Context of an Art House
Mon, Oct 24 @ 7:00PM
RPAH Professional Development Track Speaker Series in Community-Engaged Arts Presenting ft. Todd Thomas Brown   Red Poppy Art House founder Todd T Brown headlines the Poppy's October professional development session with a conversation on resilience while making art and creating art spaces. "Zena Carlota, Red Poppy's Managing Director, asked if I would be the guest speaker for the Poppy's October professional development session. I decided I would take the opportunity to share some of...

Dream #1: Live Painting by Adrian with Amaranth Quartet and Special Guest La Tania

Adrián Arias’ studio will move for one night to the Red Poppy Art House to show the painter and poet in his creative process. With the atmosphere of a dream, this multidisciplinary event features a live painting by Adrian and a presentation of his famous ceviche to be shared with the audience. Accompanying his art is a performance by Amaranth Quartet and the music of Phillip Glass, Debussy and more. Flamenco dancer La Tania joins Adrian as a special guest, performing two pieces inspired by the c...

April 2nd MAPP: “My Heart, Your Sleeve” and the Porch Performance Festival

MAPP: N.E.W. Experiences
Saturday, April 1 @ 7:15PM
For the April 2nd MAPP, the Red Poppy Art House has invited theater artist/playwright Mia Paschal to curate an evening of 7 solo theater performances titled My Heart, Your Sleeve. While this program is happening inside the Poppy, we will simultaneously be launching the the second test run of the Porch Performance Festival, done in partnership with independent artists and community members. PORCH is an in-progress initiative centered around transforming the stoops of local residences into sites o...

ARTE by Adrian: Celebrating Dreams, Friends, Poetry, Love – Closing Reception

ArteByAdrian_LoCura acustiKo
Bay Area artist Adrian Arias presents his latest mixed media works on paper and canvas with themes related to dreams and metamorphosis. Sunday afternoon of February 7th will be dedicated to Silvia Parra, great friend and "comadre" of Adrian, who left this world only a few weeks ago. Silvia and Adrian worked together in the development of games and psycho-magical rituals, as well as in several video-art and art installations in both San Francisco and Mexico. Programming for the afternoon includes...

BON JOUR MONOGRAMISTA T.D: Slovakia/SF Intermedia Project

monogramista td
Monogramista T.D (born as Dezider Tóth in 1947) is considered “the father of Slovak conceptual art” with artwork ranging from performance, installation and bookmaking, to painting, object and minimalist intervention. His work, Partituras (1976-1978), attracted the attention of contemporary Slovak composers and intermedia artists, Fero Kiraly and Ivan Siller. Partituras is a series of ink drawings strongly resembling music scores. Until now, it has never been musically portrayed. Kiraly and Sille...

Altar para mi barrio: Art, Poetry, Food & Live Music for Day of the Dead

day of the dead
Día de los Muertos is an extraordinarily auspicious time for the Mission community, and the Red Poppy Art House is humbled to participate in the annual celebration that honors the ancestral memory of the departed. We invite all of our community to join us on Sunday, November 1 and Monday, November 2 for a weekend of art, food, and remembrance. On Sunday evening, curator Alejandro Meza unveils the exhibition, El Mito Contemporáneo del Más Allá, featuring commissioned altars that pay homage to ...