FRESH Festival 2017

FRESH Exchanges at Red Poppy Art House

FRESH Festival 2017, the 8th annual Festival of Experimental Dance + Performance in San Francisco, celebrates and showcases the abundance of embodied art, action, innovation, and inclusion in the Bay Area from January 2-22, with three immersive weeks with intensive practices, cutting-edge performances, and interactive exchanges. Produced by ALTERNATIVA, FRESH 2017 is curated by Kathleen Hermesdorf, Abby Crain, and José Navarrete, and hosted by Joe Goode Annex, Red Poppy Art House, F8 Nightclub in San Francisco, and CTRL+SHFT in Oakland.

FRESH Exchanges are free and by-donation events made to cultivate, cross-pollinate, invigorate, create access, and generate outreach within and outwith the dance, music, and performance communities. FRESH 2017, in collaboration with local allies, presents 15 new and existing models of interaction.




Day Date Time Title of Exchange Description
Monday 1/2 7:30pm Dis[rupt]·co·theques Live music, parties, and performativities hosted by FRESH artists notorious for creating unique gatherings, spectacle, noise, and revelry.
Tuesdays 1/3
7:30pm Experimental Structures Artists working on the edge of their form to speak about their work and share excerpts of current projects. Followed by group discussions. Hosted by Abby Crain and José Navarrete.
Wednesdays 1/4
7:30pm Social Practice/Potlucks Collaborative meals and interactivities co-hosted by FRESH artists notorious for generating situations of connectivity, improvisation, inclusivity, and direct action.
Thursdays 1/5
7:30pm Alternative Conservatory Time to unwind, connect, absorb, consider, listen, and discuss. Hosted by FRESH artists notorious for disarming paradigms and thinking outside the box.

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