The Red Poppy Art House’s Family-in-Residence program is closely tied to the Family Art program which hosts free art activities for all ages every Saturday between 1-4pm. The Red Poppy’s goal is to serve as an incubator for the family and children, creating a safe and creative space where they can become leaders of the community and become more involved artistically.


Familia Valdez
Family Resident 2011-2012

Who is a “resident family”? It is a family living in the Mission Neighborhood that has been a member of the Family Art Program. They are chosen by the FA director and volunteers (of the family art program) based on their dedication to the program.

What qualifies a “resident family”? Any family that lives in the Mission district and has participated actively in the Family Art program by consistently attending each Saturday for at least one year.

What are the benefits of becoming a “resident family”? Every year the benefits vary and are determined by the Family (in residency), The Family Arts program director and the anchors. For 2012 benefits check out the Familia Valdez.

What does Family Art expect from the resident family? The expectations vary depending on the necessities of the Red Poppy and Family Art program.

They become community leaders who engage and encourage participation of their family members and friends
They are leaders of the “Door to Door” project
They continue to participate in the FA activities at least two Saturdays a month
They attend the Family Art development gathering once a month
They volunteer at least one Saturday a month
They distribute fliers at neighborhood schools, coffee shops, and businesses
They will RSVP before coming to a show to ensure their tickets