Artist Residencies

Intercultural Collaboration Through Creative Exchanges

Through residency programs, the Red Poppy Art House allows select artists, performers, and curators to use our space as a residence for executing proposed creative projects. The ongoing creation of new work, with the often unpredictable turns and exchanges that occur when artists have time and space together, stand as perhaps the most impactful element in shaping the feeling and culture that ultimately characterizes the Poppy itself. While the artist residencies do not provide a living space for the artist, it provides a living and growing space for the creative work.

Since its founding, the Red Poppy Art House has maintained its residency programs based on the following values:

  • Vitality of an Artistic Core: The presence of resident artists, the professional and personal/informal relationships they bring, as much as the on-site development and public presentations of their work, constitute a continuity of creative dialogue and exchange that defines the very nature of the Poppy as an artistic and cultural hub.
  • Exemplifying Cultural Diversity Through the Arts: Recognizing that artists can be the forerunners of cultural and social transformation, the Red Poppy selects a balance of resident artists whose combined skills, inspiration, craft, and cultural roots hold the capacity to demonstrate the extraordinary potential implicit within intercultural collaboration.



A Feast of Communities
Artist in Residence: Jason Wyman

Crossover Collaborative Residencies
Artists in Residence: Sandra Ndu, Larry Arrington, Erika Oba, Sammay Dizon, Daniel Riera, Latanya Tigner, Byb Chanel Bibene, Daniel Berkman, David Molina, Dohee Lee, Chris Evans, José Navarrete