The Red Poppy Art House is primarily an artist and volunteer-run organization, and there are many ways to get involved! Volunteers play an integral role in our everyday operations. We’re seeking volunteers to fill the following positions on an ongoing basis:

Performance Series Volunteers

For each performance at the Red Poppy Art House, of which we have approximately 140 annually, we have one “host” staff member as well as a door volunteer and counter volunteer.

Hosts will oversee the performance and volunteers including set up of the space and the sound equipment. They will also introduce the performers and give a funding ask at some point during the evening. The hosts is present to act as a friendly and welcoming representative of the Red Poppy at our events. Although being a host does require a bit more responsibility, we can easily train those interested in the position with and give opportunities for prospective hosts to shadow current staff for additional experience.

The door volunteer is responsible for tidying up both the inside and outside of the Red Poppy before an event and setting the sandwich board and calendar outside. They will greet and record attendees at the door, take their donations, and encourage giving by holding the donations hat at the end of the night.

The counter volunteer is responsible for tidying up the kitchen space before a show, restocking the refrigerator as needed, lighting candles, and setting up the beverages for sale. After the event, the counter volunteer will assist with clean up.

Performances take place Thursday through Sunday every week. Read more about our Performance Program here. If you are interested in any of the above volunteer positions, please contact You can also view and register for open shifts on our VolunteerSpot page here!

Romantic Volunteerism

Romantic_VolunteerismAlright, here it is, the latest community engagement plan at the Red Poppy Art House. We call it “Romancing the Arts.” Are you in a relationship and looking to bring a little more adventure into your coupledom? Well come be the couple on staff for a night at the Poppy! Enjoy high-caliber artistic performances in the candle-lit intimacy of the Red Poppy Art House while making a real difference in your local arts community. It’s a whole new romantic volunteer experience. We welcome straight, queer, bi, trans, and mixed couples of all generations, as well as creative singles deciding to couple for just a night. Come put your romance to work for real, and watch your romance work for you!

Volunteer for one of the two options: a counter volunteer for concessions, or a door volunteer taking admission. Don’t worry, the distance between your partner and yourself is not too far, plus this gives you the opportunity to hone your non-verbal communication skills as you eye each other across the room. Call time is 6pm for all events. Visit our event page here. See an event you don’t want to miss? Sign up for the opportunity at our VolunteerSpot page here.

Family Art Program Volunteers

Red_Poppy_Art_House_Family_ArtThe Family Art Program engages the Red Poppy Art House’s surrounding neighborhood, contributing to its vibrancy by offering free programming to the public every Saturday afternoon from 1pm-4pm. An outdoor open forum, the Family Art Program uses the exterior south wall of the Art House and its wide adjacent sidewalk where volunteers bring out an array of furniture and art supplies, and organize a different activity for participants each week.

Family Art volunteers will help set up the art supplies and matierials used during Family Art gatherings, supervise youth and assist with lessons, and help clean up. Spanish speakers are especially needed/Necesitamos voluntarios que habla Espanol. For more information about the Family Art Program, click here. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, contact 650-731-5383.

Concessions Runner

If you enjoy getting out to the grocery store, particularly on someone else’s dime, this could be the role for you! Volunteers help us to go on errands to stock-up on concessions for performances and our events each week. Access to a vehicle is preferred but not a definite requirement for this role. If you are interested, please contact

If you’d like to get involved at the Red Poppy Art House, but can’t commit to a set amount of hours a week, you can “gift your skills” instead. Think of it as a way of offering your expertise when you want to, for however long you want to. For more information on gifting your skills or services, contact 650-731-5383 and we will happily work with you to find projects that suit your interests and schedule. In short, there is wide range of work to be done and always a need for helpful hands.

Photo credit: Marisa Aragona