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MAPP: N.E.W. Experiences

April 1, 2017 @ 7:15 pm - 10:00 pm

| Free
MAPP: Mission Arts & Performance Project
Saturday, December 2 @ 7:30PM

The next edition of MAPP, on April 1, highlights the work of an international collective of producing artists who will be featured in the New Experimental Works Festival at CounterPulse on May 4-7th, 2017. The N.E.W. Festival, dedicated to radical theater-making and performance, is part of a collaborative effort between the California Institute of Integral Studies and the University of Chichester in West Sussex, England. The mission of the festival is to break traditional norms for both audience and performers, and to introduce groundbreaking live art to San Francisco audiences while consistently redefining what it means to be N.E.W. (For more information, go to www.thenewfestival.com.)

On April 1, MAPP’s schedule of experimental live art and innovative collaboration begins at 7:15pm and ends at 10pm. Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis, and space is limited.
Launched in 2003, the Mission Arts & Performance Project (MAPP) is a homegrown bi-monthly, multidisciplinary, intercultural happening that takes place in the Mission District of San Francisco. On the first Saturday of every even-numbered month, MAPP transforms ordinary spaces – such as private garages, gardens, living rooms, studios, street corners, and small businesses – into pop-up performance and exhibition sites for a day of artistic and cultural exchange.
A collection of one-to-one performances that is partially scripted; how you should go about crafting your experience is up to you. Featuring Marie Marcovic and collaborators Jeffrey Hayes, Xiaotian Liu, Nina, and Alice Phipps.

7:45pm: They Say Love is Blind(folded)
An interactive performance event that’s similar to a blind date. Featuring Mariah Castle in collaboration with Matthew Marcum.

8:00pm: Cabaret Olga: Songs from the Sister, and One Soldier, Who Were Left Behind
Featuring Beth Wilmurt and Rob Avila.

8:15pm: The Ocean is a Chance We Take: A Vocal Poem Addressing Emotional Environments
Featuring Matthew Marcum.

8:30pm: An Interactive Monologue Bloated with Magic Potions
Featuring mariA.

8:45pm: A Sound Experience
Featuring Angela Grillo.

9:00pm: A Piece to be Seen, Heard, and Felt By You As It Comes
Featuring Nicole (Nikki) Mischke.

9:15pm: Feed the Beast
Playful, raw, immersive romps which explode social taboos. Featuring Lindsey Sikes.

9:30pm: An interactive acoustic soul/vocal play medley, with old and new original songs
Featuring Nkechi.

Marie Markovic is a visual artist whose media includes theatre performance and thrift textiles. For A Retrospective, she surrounded herself with these magical makers: Jeffrey Hayes is a storyteller and an RPG & LARP enthusiast; his greatest life joys include cooking, hiking, and petting stray kittens. Xiaotian Liu is a musician who is passionately curious about this world and the people in it.Nina is a San Francisco-based artist who employs a myriad of media to activate conversation about art. Alice Phipps is an astrologer and a crusher of patriarchy and fascism whose hobbies include dog walks on the beach and talking to stars.

Mariah Castle is a performer who makes theatre about gender, love, and justice. She uses playfulness, truth-telling, and surprise attack to break down barriers and build intimacy between herself and audiences. Her interactive performances have included blindfolds, scissors, champagne, and raw eggs. She aims to slow you down and wake you up.

Beth Wilmurt is a theater maker, teacher, and wayward sister. Rob Avila is a musician, theatre critic, and soldier of misfortune.

Matthew Marcum is an interdisciplinary performance artist who infuses text, sound, movement, and optics to create contemporary theater productions, live art exhibitions, and conceptual installations. His current areas of research revolve around self-scripting, solo and experimental performance, masculinity, mindfulness, audience engagement, community building, deconstruction/reconstruction, arts and entrepreneurship, pedagogy, artistry though digital presence, and extended vocal techniques.

mariA is an Alive doer, mover, thinker, shaker, truth-teller, and soul seeker. “Originally from Greece, I am a free and joyful creative spirit who challenges the black & white rationality. To become inspired, I dive into my inner impulses in an attempt to explore the entire spectrum of my humanness and let the collective unconscious to emerge. I pause to ‘listen,’ I feel, I am moved, I touch, I ‘see.’ I produce simple performative acts as an invitation to the imaginal through embodied experiences that create an all-time-in-between space, where playfulness meets the sacred, and vice versa.” www.marialive.net

Angela Grillo is a performance compositionalist-sensory-theatre artist-director-maker-dreamer-creator of experimental-installation-movement-dance-choreography-in your face-audience participation-fantasy-Jungian-site-specific-video-film-music-moving-pictures-light-it-up-dress-it-up-pull-it-apart-like-it-or-not-works. Angela believes in creating multidisciplinary and immersive work that connects us to the spiritual and imaginal realms in order to raise awareness of feminine consciousness. She invites you to venture into unknown territories of surrealist dreamscapes of feeling, play, and absurdity to discover your own personal power.

Nicole (Nikki) Mischke is an interdisciplinary performance artist and alternative scientist creating work that explores the greater concerns of life through the media of movement, sound, and silence. Her interest in the supernatural, abnormal, and phenomenological puts her curiosities about the world through an intense line of questioning yet creates a grounding and humanistic performance that is about us all.

Considered a “morbidly obese woman” for most of her life, Lindsey Greer Sikes now uses her perspective of living dually weighted realities to create playful, raw, and immersive works which explode social taboos. A hybrid theatre artist who uses autobiographical documentation in conjunction with live performance, Sikes also creates visual works, installations, video projects, and collaborative experiments. She is interested in building intentional, sustainable artistic living communities, and she is a writer and arts contributor to the Fusebox Festival Blog.

Nkechi is an interdisciplinary theatre artist playing with music through vocal play and acoustic soul originals on guitar. www.nkechi.com/music


Time: Event 7:15PM
Admission: Free

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April 1, 2017
7:15 pm - 10:00 pm
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Red Poppy Art House
2698 Folsom St.
San Francisco, CA 94110 United States
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