AMALGAMATION: A Project About Networks, Systems and Communities – Summer 2012 Artistic Residency

Liberating the objects and their meaning from their cells.
      From May 31-August 2, 2012 at the Red Poppy Art House Thanks for the participation of those who left their mark on the grid! The Project's Thesis   This project seeks to integrate the residency of artist Ralph Vázquez-Concepción at the Red Poppy Art House, the Family Arts Program of the Poppy, local residents and artists as well as invited artists from abroad to participate in a dialogue about what the terms ‘networks’, ‘systems’, and ‘community’ mean to...

Steam & Ice: The Recent Work of Hiroyo Kaneko

Currently on view at the Red Poppy Art House is the work of photographer Hiroyo Kaneko (b.  Aomori, Japan) which explores the relationship between her subjects and the element of water in two very poetic contexts, in the steamy bathhouse and the outdoors as an accumulation of snow. The exhibition showcases two parallel series of photography, selected by Exhibitions Director Marisa Aragona, based on the poetic relationship of the subjects in Kaneko’s photographs and the mutable element of water. ...