Steam & Ice: The Recent Work of Hiroyo Kaneko

Currently on view at the Red Poppy Art House is the work of photographer Hiroyo Kaneko (b.  Aomori, Japan) which explores the relationship between her subjects and the element of water in two very poetic contexts, in the steamy bathhouse and the outdoors as an accumulation of snow. The exhibition showcases two parallel series of photography, selected by Exhibitions Director Marisa Aragona, based on the poetic relationship of the subjects in Kaneko’s photographs and the mutable element of water. ...

Moyurbando: The Recent Work of Maykel Vargas

Currently on view at the Red Poppy Art House is a collection of recent paintings by Maykel Vargas (b. 1977, Cuba) which explores the arcane language of the primitive and the shamanistic. His works are of an Expressionist nature, which explores themes of the mystical and ancestral forces in nature as were represented and worshiped by our indigenous ancestry, or even the African deities, also carried over by our ancestry, which laid the laws that governed the natural world. The paintings are a win...
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