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Backstage Heroes: The Red Poppy Art House Sustains SF’s Underground
Hiya Swanhuyser | September 13, 2015

Two New Albums Are Latest Blooms From S.F.’s Red Poppy Art House
Andrew Gilbert | June 27, 2015
Spontaneous Expression by Red Poppy Art House
SFO Museum | December 2014
How San Francisco helped Meklit Hadero find her voice
Martina Castro | February 28, 2013
Pop! @ Red Poppy Art House
Ari Salomon | November 27, 2012

Live Shots: Lulacruza at Red Poppy Art House
Ariel Soto-Suver | April 25, 2012

Live Shots: The Destiny Muhammad Jazz Trio at Red Poppy Art House
Ariel Soto-Suver | November 21, 2011

De Young’s Artist Fellows brings artists together
Julian Guthrie | July 28, 2011


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The Wee Trio at Red Poppy

Fishtank Ensemble performs at the Red Poppy

Meklit Hadero live at the Red Poppy Art House

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