Executive Artistic Director

Zena Allen

Director of Performance
& Public Relations


Director of Communications

Jen Cho

Volunteer Coordinator


A/V Specialist

Jeremy Allen


Zena is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, and visual artist based in the Bay Area. Her traditional background in kora and West African harp has inspired her to combine her love of classical West African string music with Appalachian folk, Delta blues, and soul to create narratives of memory and migration in the African Diaspora. An accomplished visual artist, Zena finds it a natural progression to apply in her own art the same themes of ritual and tradition found in West African music. As a fifth generation Bay Area resident, she values the notion of longevity and sustainability in community and sees the role of the Red Poppy as a vehicle for creativity and support for artists. She is currently producing new work for her first album and can be found at

Shyam (“shee-yahm”) is a musician and wordsmith born and educated in Florida, raised in ashrams in the U.S. and in India, and molded in San Francisco and New York City. As writer and editor E.E. Bradman, he has worked for a long list of employers, including Rolling StoneBass Player, Premier Guitar, the City of New York, the San Francisco Chronicle, and Computer Shopper. Shyam’s adventures as a producer, percussionist, and Grammy-nominated bassist have taken him to five continents, and his resumé includes the California Shakespeare Theater, ALO, the San Francisco Mime Troupe, Jai Uttal, Hamid Drake, the New Pickle Circus, Lincoln-Mercury, and many others. Stop by and say hello at

Jen has been immersed in the visual arts since a young age, later going on to pursue a bachelors in studio art at UC Riverside. Although she eventually switched gears to language with a focus on Spanish and Mandarin Chinese, it became evident that art would continue to hold a certain significance in her life. Her ongoing interests in music, design, and culture led her to the discovery of the Red Poppy Art House, where she readily became a member of both the PR and hosting teams. Upon graduating from the Poppy’s Professional Development Track program, Jen continues her relationship with the space through the management of PR, communications, and administrative coordination.

Lynne Billig entered the music scene as an adult by taking a different path than most—through software development. After asking herself what she wanted to be when she “grew up,” she discovered her vocal niche in singing American jazz standards in the San Francisco Bay Area—a place full of generous, talented musicians who are open to providing newcomers with musical opportunities. Along with the harmonic progressions of these standards, Billig says she “particularly love[s] the lyrics in these works. They’re clever, literary, and…tell an emotional story that people of all ages and backgrounds can relate to.”

Jeremy Allen is a musician, educator, composer, and producer. He performs with a variety of Bay Area artists and is co-founder of the acclaimed pan Latin-American jazz group Quijeremá. With this multi-media arts ensemble, he has performed, toured and recorded, both nationally and internationally, since 2002. Allen is also an adept instructor in media arts, focusing on live sound, event production and audio-visual installations. Jeremy graduated in American Studies: Urban Education from UC Berkeley, and is the owner/engineer at Musiquito Studios, an independent recording studio and media production shop in Oakland, California.

Piano tunings are generously donated by Brani Piano.