Resident Artist Tiffany Austin discusses “The Beat Down” on Running the Voodoo Down

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Interested in learning more about our Resident Artist, Tiffany Austin? Listen to her talk about the glitzy, glamourous and not-so-glamorous moments that have shaped her career on a podcast interview with Running the Voodoo Down. In an episode titled “The Beat Down,” Tiffany and other artists talk about an experience all musicians share – getting your butt kicked onstage – and share their thoughts on being out of your element and getting by.

Searching for the spirit of the sounds that move you, Running the Voodoo Down delivers stories of the musical life. The show features thoughtful interviews about the experiences that drive music-makers of all kinds. Produced in San Francisco, CA.

“The Beat Down” (Tiffany’s Story comes in at 7:20 mark)

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